MN100 Saṅgārava: Do gods exist? by Piya Tan

10.9-Sangarava-S-m100-piya.pdf (749.4 KB)


I like the extensive discussion and the lot of references in that treatize of Piya Tan. However, I have a single (little?) question I could not resolve with that treatize. The K.E. Neumann translation puts the answers of the Buddha always in the way “i know whether there are gods” while all other references let him say “i know that there are gods” (roughly). The KEN-version has been a long time my basic understanding because I’ve begun read suttas in his translations. So while in Neumann’s translation the question, whether they in fact exist is left open (and this gives some nice stuff to think about), all other translations give a so-to-say “closed” answer to the affirmative.

Does exist any thinkable legitimation for Neumann’s approach to actually form the Buddha’s answers as open in this indefinite way?