MN14: Russian translation is incomplete

Hey there,

Just wanted to draw your attention, that MN14 Russian Translation is incomplete, it cuts off several paragraphs before its actual end.
Starting from this fragment (Eng.):

‘Undoubtedly this speech was made hastily by the reverend Jains, without deliberation: “Now, reverend Gotama, happiness is not to be achieved through happiness…

— is missing. And in general, the translation seems to be a bit too brief in comparison with the English variant.


Thanks for that! Interesting because the text is actually there but it does not show. Will look into it.
In the mean time, maybe this new translation, that is currently being coded for the new website, is of help: (8.2 KB)

I just had a look at my local version of the new website and there it does show. Can you check if this is correct:


Yes it is, thank you! :pray:


Not wanting to start a whole new topic, I decided to ask here. I have noticed that quite a bit of suttas are missing russian translations. Is there a way to aid with translations and learn about progress/plans? Thank you.


@Aminah and Penny are working hard to add more Russian texts for the new site :slight_smile: