MN143, a talk by Sayalay Dipankara

Sayalay Dipankara explains the Anathapindikovada Sutta, a profound teaching by Venerable Sariputta near the death moment of lay disciple Anathapindika. By mindfully contemplating (vipassana) on the six senses, objects and contacts, dependent origination co-arising, 5 aggregates, jhana objects, there is a pathway to Nibbana. He died and was reborn at Tusita Heaven, then descended to the human realm thank his benefactors:

“O blessed is this Jeta Grove, frequented by the holy Order,
Where the Dhamma King resides, the fount of all my happiness.
By deeds, by knowledge, by righteousness,
By virtue, by the sublimest life,
By these are mortals purified, and not by lineage nor by wealth.
A wise man, therefore, seeing his own good,
Wisely will he choose the Dhamma, that he may thus be purified.
Like Sariputta in his wisdom, in his virtue, and in highest peace,
At best a bhikkhu who has gone across, can only equal him.”
— MN 143; SN 2.20

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