MN44 The nature of the awakened mind: talk by Piya Tan

Cula Vedalla Sutta (MN44)

This Sutta is a dialogue between the nun (bhikkhuṇī) Dhamma,dinnā and the
layman (upāsaka) Visākha. The Sutta is quite straightforward: it opens
with the layman Visākha meeting and asking the nun Dhamma,dinnā a series
of questions and her answers dealing with these 8 areas:

Sections Question sets Introduction Topics
§§2-8 Nos 1-7 [2.1] self-identity (sakkāya), including clinging (upādāna)
§§9-11 Nos 8-10 [2.2] the noble eightfold path (ariya aṭṭh’aṅgika magga)
§12 No 11 [2.3] the nature of mental cultivation (samādhi)
§§13-15 Nos 12-14 [2.4] formations (saṅkhāra) (3 kinds)
§§16-21 Nos 15-20 [2.5] cessation of perception and feeling (saññā,vedayita,nirodha)
§§22-24 Nos 21-23 [2.6] feelings (vedanā)
§§25-28 Nos 24-27 [2.7] latent tendencies (anusaya)
§29 Nos 28-34 [2.8] opposites (paṭibhāga) (total of 7 short questions)