Monasteries under direct threat from Australian Fires (merged thread - not in order of posts)


Thank you for directing us to the January 7th update from Santi. The nuns describe more bushfires getting started in the area and threatening the monastery. Fortunately, however, the latest hotspots map suggests that those new outbreaks are no longer threatening, at least for now.

The map showing hot spots detected in the last 72 hours does show these fires, but when the map is restricted to the last 2 hours it shows none.

All hotspots detected in last 72 hours:

All hotspots detected in last 2 hours:


I just happen to hear about a fire south of Perth and Serpentine is mentioned!
I really hope everyone is safe in and around the monastery?
Could someone please verify?


Given the location information of the fire services the location of the fire is in the valley, at some distance from the monastery and Jhana Grove on the escarpment, and its trajectory (at the moment) is not towards serpentine.

Definitely something to keep a close watch for.
However I can let people know that there were several weeks of burning-off (bushfire prevention) around the monastery and local area, that took place in Sept/Oct last year, and that this should significantly lower the risk of the intensity of fire there.

May all fires be extinguished and all beings experience the extinguishment of Dukkha! :pray:


Thank you. Looking at this map the fire seems to move north east, as you said away from the monastery: Home - Emergency WA Warnings & Incidents
I was alarmed as it is only a few kilometers away from Bodhinyana.


Luckily the SW highway is decent size fire-break and the fire seems to be heading North. I’m going to JG tomorrow, so hopefully nothing comes of this!


Update on fires in Bundanoon and Santi

Posted: 11/1/20

Santi and Bundanoon ​had another lucky night ​last night​ from potential fire danger. The RFS were all prepared for another ember attack like last Saturday, but the southerly winds did not get as strong as expected. We were up much of the night listening to live RFS radio scanner comms from Bundanoon area online. One fire front came close to Sunnataram, ​crossing their property on the lower side and others on Teudts Rd, and was progressing closer towards Coalmines Rd (where Santi is) and Bundanoon. ​B​ut all ​is ​good so far, no losses (from early reports), and a bit of rain there this morning too. The RFS are continuing to manage the fires in the area, and this week seems like it will be easier weather for fire management.

Though we are ‘not out of the woods’ yet, so to speak, the weather is changing and hopefully will bring some soaking rain soon.



Hi, I have updated the post since that early morning version. Unfortunately, Sunnataram did lose some buildings to fire yesterday - a women’s dorm and, it seems, a few kutis - but thankfully the main buildings were kept safe by the fire fighters. I’ve added articles with pics to the post.

Much metta and gratitude to you all for your kind concern and interest.
Ayya Jitindriya


The last ancient strand of Wollemi pines was saved! By extraordinary efforts of firefighters.

Pines Rescued


Update on Fires in Bundanoon and Santi

Posted: 17/1/20

We’re feeling very grateful for some most welcome rain across Eastern Australia in the last 2 days!

Bundanoon area hasn’t had a lot yet (maybe between 10-15mls), but its a start…
Misty and cooler temps all help to dampen the fires as well.