Monastery Travel Pictures


Thanks so much for sharing this one, Peter. I have such warm reverence for the middle two, and, indeed, a special affection for Ajahn Candasiri who was the first monastic I met and convinced me (with her presence) of the potential for immeasurable benefits of the renunciate path (both as a practice to follow and a gift to the world) right there on the spot. In turn, it is oddly moving to see this snap.


I have a few from this year, actually. Just iPhone snaps though.

Dhamasara. This spot is one of my most favouritest places. The stupa by the original shed and caravan.

Ven Virrapanna and I at Santi

Dakkhina Dhammatthala
I have no forest where I’m staying. Only a suburban block.

… but I’m close to the beach.

which the visiting nuns love (Ven Virrapanna again <3 )

Newbury next week to complete my set of Aussie nuns monasteries


A few from my first trip to Australia, 2014-15, at Santi (with Spot, the monastery dog at the time): :dog2: :cherry_blossom: :heartpulse:


Thought you said spot the monastery dog. I had a keen eye out. :dog2::dog:!!

with metta


You spotted her?

Her name is Spot because she has spots! :rofl:


Yes, figured that out when I ‘spotted’ her. :grinning:

with metta


I spent about 11 days at Metta Forest Monastery this past summer and had a wonderful, fruitful experience. I didn’t take that many photos because I didn’t have my phone on me much, but I figured I’d share those I did. I do wish I had gotten a photo of the dozens of hummingbirds that congregate around the meditation hall in the mornings. They were so chatty. Who knew hummingbirds chirped!

Metta Forest Monastery/Wat Metta, Southern California (August 13-22, 2018)

The view walking up to the meditation hall from the guesthouse.

Outdoor evening meditation. It was a cool, breezy night—a nice reprieve after a very hot day.

Avocado Orchard
Walking through the avocado orchard, where most of the sitting platforms and walking paths are nestled. The area is experiencing drought conditions, hence all the fallen leaves.

Sitting Platform
A sitting platform, with my little scarf-cushion-shawl.

The meditation hall at the top of the hill on my last night.


One of the aspects of Metta forest monastery that I’ve always enjoyed is the simplicity of the place. Most all of the buildings are fairly rudimentary, and even though I believe through the years there’s been access to monetary support, every structure there is quite simple.


Not exactly a travel photo, but here is a picture of the Wat I attend near Salem, Oregon (USA).


Dhammavivekarama in Kandy

View from the first floor down to the river. The tiny orange dot is the chief nun.


The walking meditation path, our very own bamboo grove. We even have squirrels here! Feels like being right in the middle of an EBT…



This huge bodhi tree is very old. The land was donated to the bhikkhunis because this tree is here, and the monastery was build around it.



The dhamma hall
Every morning, flowers are offered to the Buddha and today, I was asked to help with the arrangement. I had never done it before, and since we have a small language barrier, the only instructions I got was “flower”. Still turned out ok I think… :slightly_smiling_face:





Thank you for sharing these lovely photos :pray:


It really looks great :smiley:
As Metaphor said, thank you for the photos. I hope the Dhamma comes alive for you, as you said it’s like living in the EBT’s :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope your stay there brings you much happiness.

:dharmawheel: :anjal:


While we’re sharing, here are some photos from my neck of the woods (Kao Chi On Mountain in Chonburi Province Thailand)


Beautiful and inspiring pictures, all! Thank you for sharing.
@AlexM - I really like the kuti and walking path in your last picture. Very simple and I’m sure it offers the human inhabitant plenty of opportunities to cultivate mettā towards the local wildlife :slight_smile:


Indeed it does @Leon! Metta and patience :joy:




Last year I spent some time at a zen centre (Bodhi Zendo) in Tamil Nadu, India.
I was there for a short (10 day) Vipassana retreat, and stayed on for an extra week or so of self practice.
How incredibly fortunate we in this thread all are.


Sri Lanka, I assume?


Vivekas’ place to practice viveka


Yes, that’s correct.