Monk with spear

What is the function of this spear? There is also something attached to the upper end. They only carry it on certain occasions. Maybe someone could contact the Cambodian BSWA.

Thank you.


Can we take guesses? My first thought was to keep away dogs, but it’s kind of overkill. Then I thought about a hot-dog roast at a very large bonfire. But that seems unlikely. A way to accept alms in a covid-safe way? Looks dangerous. The white stripes look like they are a way to make it more visible?


It might be to protect themselves against snakes as they’re walking barefeet.


The only metal pole I know monks sometimes have is a khakkhara or pewter staff used initially to make noise to announce the monk presence. It is also used to scare predatory animals. There are many different versions. I think it is precisely that since it is usually carried by the first in the line. It is stomped on the soil so that the vibration sends the snake or other animals away.


Yes, that is my guess as well.



The lower end looks like a bident

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I just asked 2 monk friends in Cambodia and they said they have no idea!

One insists that they are Thai not Cambodian.

The other says they are old and old monks do strange things.



Please ask them to show the photo to a senior monk.

Any clues what the occasions are? Or do you just mean that sometimes they have it and sometimes they don’t?

Are they going in your neighbourhood?

Can you describe what you think you are seeing? I don’t see anything in the photo.

I took the photo a few days ago, and that’s a couple of weeks since the last sighting. It happens with that regularity. It’s not connected with the moon cycles. On the upper end there are bands which seem to bind something like a paper to the wooden shaft. In some cases the prongs are flat tin, appearing more ceremonial.

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So you see different monks carrying similar poles? Interesting!

And this is in Cambodia?

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That’s correct, it’s in an area where there are several monasteries.

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Lol well I kinda feel like I’ve already shot my shot on this :laughing: so I’m returning serve back to you… but since you’re actually there yourself, you have a good opportunity to find out the answer to this mystery!


Paul, like Bhante Akaliko said, I would just ask them about it next time you see them. :slight_smile: There is clearly no harm in asking a question. And if you do, please tell us what was their response. :slight_smile:

With Metta. :yellow_heart:


Of course I have asked the few monks that speak English and they say they don’t know.


Okay, so as I understand, the monk that actually carries the thing does not speak english and you’re not speaking his language?

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Or find a translator and follow the monks back to their monastery. Maybe try to offer alms and see if they bonk you with it or something. Inquiring minds want to know!


Social distancing spear…why don’t I have one of those? @___@


Maybe its to pick up trash, maybe they were involved in some kind of trash pick up program to help the local community etc?


Paul said the prongs are sometimes just tin, looking ceremonial.

Also, I’m not sure people would like seeing monks pick up trash.

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