Monty Python finds parallels

As some of you might know, the Python programming language was not named after the snake, but after Monty Python (no, that’s no joke, no holy handgranade and it doesn’t just print out ‘NI’).

In the last weeks I have been doing some developing of a program that compares verses in Pali and Sanskrit to find parallels between them. Now this program is still very much in a development phase and much still needs to be done, but as an initial test it found the following parallel:


ekānnatriṃśatko vayasā subhadra
yat prāvrajaṃ kiṃkuśalaṃ gaveṣī
pañcāśad varṣāṇi samādhikāni
yasmād ahaṃ pravrajitaḥ subhadra ||

śīlaṃ samādhiś caraṇaṃ ca vidyā
caikāgratā cetaso bhāvitā me
āryasya dharmasya pradeśavaktā
ito bahir vai śramaṇo ’sti nānyaḥ ||


ekonatriṃśo vayasā subhadra
yat prāvrajaṃ kiṃ kuśalaṃ gaveṣī ||
pañcāśad varṣāṇi samādhikāni
yataś cāhaṃ pravrajitaḥ subhadra |

śīlaṃ samādhiś caraṇaṃ ca vidyā
caikāgratā cetaso bhāvitā me ||
āryasya dharmasya pradeśavaktā
ito bahirdhā śramaṇo hi nāsti |

Now @lemon checked this against the Chinese and found the following paralleled with that in DA2:

When I was 29, I became homeless to search for the way of goodness;
Subhadda, then I became the Buddha, until today it has been 50 years.
With sila, samadhi & wisdom, I stayed alone and thinked;
now I’ll tell you the keypoints of Dhamma, and there’s no real samana except me.

And with DN16#227

Ekūnatiṃso vayasā subhadda,
Yaṃ pabbajiṃ kiṅkusalānuesī;
Vassāni paññāsa samādhikāni,
Yato ahaṃ pabbajito subhadda;
Ñāyassa dhammassa padesavattī,
Ito bahiddhā samaṇopi natthi.

This was just a test so will continue to develop the program further to find more parallels, also in the Chinese.


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Okay, so here is a bit more of a structured results file.

parallels (3.8 MB)

Especially for @lemon I also added the verselines for the Chinese.
Just by sorting the Sanskrit on the SF (Sanskrit Fragments) I noticed quite a few more parallels like this one:

So for instance sf36#259: SuttaCentral

śaile yathā parvatamūrdhani sthito
yadvāṃ hi paśyej janatāṃ samantāt
tathā hy asau dharmamayaṃ sumedha
prāsādam āruhya samantacakṣuḥ
śokābhibhūtāṃ janatām aśoko
’drākṣīd imāṃ jātijarābhibhūtām ||

Parallels uv21.18:

śaile yathā parvatamūrdhani sthito
yathaiva paśyej janatāṁ samantāt ।
tathā hy asau dharmamayaṁ sumedhāḥ
prāsādam āruhya samantacakṣuḥ ।
śokābhibhūtāṁ janatām aśoko
'drākṣīd imāṁ jātijarābhibhūtām ।।

And with that probably a whole lot of other ones like these:


(and I just noticed the Chinese still contains it end-quotes 』」so without those there would be a few more marked as parallels. So there is a new one with just chinese:
parallels chinese (194.9 KB))


@lemon - a new file for you with t210, t211, t212, t213 split separately and with the correct verse numbers.

verse parallels (863.8 KB)

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