More Tamil translations uploaded

I’ve uploaded some more Tamil translations. With thanks to Ben Asura, who translated them.

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Sadhu! This is a fantastic addition, I have wanted Tamil for a long time!

Ayya, can you enable the Noto Tamil font for this? If you have a look at how the other Noto fonts are used, it should be pretty straightforward. Let me know if there’s any problem.

Generally speaking, for every new script or language, we should ensure that the appropriate font, usually Noto, is enabled.

That’s done. Using the same settings as Sinhala. Please have a look if this is OK.

Great, thanks.

There’s a minor bug-ette in the various non-Latin fonts where the “supertitle” is in Latin script, and it doesn’t display with the proper font. This is because the various Noto fonts are divided up by language, and they don’t include the Latin glyphs. So I think the solution is to specify the relevant sans font that we normally use on SC as a fallback.

Tried adding Source Sans Pro but does not make any difference. I can probably just make the whole text in Tamil - might look nicer anyway.

If you can that would be best. But still, the problem remains. There should be a decent display of Latin text in non-Latin environments.

Will try to find out how it is done and then add it to all the noto and other non-latin fonts.

No errors of font…