Moving to Viet Nam soon, looking for a Theravada temple

Hello friends!
Apparently it will happen that I will move to Viet Nam in about 3 months and stay there for at least a year. I will be, most probably, living in Thân Bình district. What I know about Vietnamese buddhism is that it is represented by a variety of denominations. If anybody here knows a Theravada temple not far from Thân Bình district? It would be great to have a chance to go there!
Many thanks in advance.

i recently searched for information about Theravada monasteries in Vietnam and came across [an academic paper A STUDY OF THERAVĀDA BUDDHISM IN VIETNAM] (

on the last page the author gives his email addresses, so it may be worthwhile seeking some advice from him

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Thank you LXNDR, will write to him at once.

I wish you the best.
Just to let you know, there are a number of interesting movements in Vietnam, not all of which would come under the “Theravada” umbrella. There’s the modern “Mendicant Order”, a reform movement that in many respects advocates a return to the original lifestyle and practices of the Buddha. In addition, there are some interesting meditation schools, which practice early Buddhist style meditations, like the breath and so on. Think something like Thich Nhath Hahn, but more traditional in approach.

There have been probably more texts of early Buddhism translated into Vietnamese than any other language, so there is more awareness of the shared historical foundations of the different Buddhist traditions than you might find in most Buddhist countries. Indeed, the very fact that both Mahayana and Theravada coexist there is probably the reason for this.

So anyway, I hope you can find a good temple.

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Thank youfor the information, Sujato.
Actually it is all a bit scary. I have lived with Vietnamese for years, stayed in VN for several months and can speak a bit, but still, changing everything and moving to a totally culturaly different country is a bit of a challenge. But I hope, I hope… Thank you again.

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Dear Skfir,

There’re actually many Theravada temples in HCM, but sorry, we don’t personally know any of them.

In Tan Binh there’re:
-Theravada temple: Phat Bao

I’ve heard about temple “Buu Long” in Bien Hoa (around 28Kms from Tan Binh), where there’re many meditation teaching & retreat.

Wish you best of luck.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

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Oh my! Thank you , thank you so much!!

Hi, I’m living in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city.
Here is some resource:
Theravada Buddhism in Vietnam
If you can read Vietnamese
Giới thiệu Phật giáo Nguyên thủy Việt Nam
This is a list of Theravada pagoda
enter link description here

enter link description here


Thank you Gc90! Thank you heaps for all the links, definitely I will find a temple while in VN.

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