My bookmark manager setup

Over the years, people have suggested a few times that we set up a bookmark manager for SC. I’ve not accepted this, as it would (a) be a lot of work and (b) be better handled by an independent app.

I’m sure there are plenty of websites and local apps that can handle this (suggestions welcome!). But for the last few months I’ve been using a Chrome browser plugin called Papaly, and it’s been pretty good.

What it does is give you a nice default page instead of the regular “new tab” page in a browser. You can then add links, title them, organize them in groups, drag and drop, create multiple pages, add notes, and a bunch of other stuff.

Here’s a screenshot of my current links for research.

Under “notes” I include things that I notice that I will add to my annotations, but haven’t got around to yet.

Anyway, pretty straightforward, but super useful. I wonder why the major browser vendors don’t build something like this in?

Some drawbacks:

  • the plugin seems to want to dial home whenever it’s opened, so it bugs out if the connection is down. Not sure why this is necessary, it should be just a bunch of static content.
  • I guess there might be security or privacy implications?
  • Also not sure what happens if I change browser.
  • It can be a bit slow. Again, not really sure why.
  • I’d love to be able to add local files as well, then I can keep all my everyday references in one place.

Regardless, it’s pretty good, and lets me keep track of all my obscure texts! Well most of them anyway! So if you’re looking for a bookmark manager, give it a go.


Thank you Bhante. On my side, I have been using Raindrop for quite some time. It also has a new tab feature, but not really well designed. However, the rest of the features are pretty good.

Another thing that proved to be super helpful for me is Workona for dealing with workspaces and tabs.


Sounds interesting!

I have recently made something similar (probably on a much smaller scale) by just adding a page to the Wiki section of Dhammaregen. There’s a section that is not public, and there I store my drafts for newsletters, essays to translate, and such things. And I have now added a page with a lot of links for various resources I frequently look up.

Also, I love :heart: this admin glossary that @karl_lew has built for all our servers, websites, repositories, and what else (our world has considerably expanded, compared to the world of the old Voice):

Click an item in the glossary list on the left and find a sentence of explanation, the link to the actual thing, and another one to the repository (depending on what applies for the respective item).

So you don’t need to have a thousand browser tabs open, and still have everything ready at hand!

4 Likes is a Github App written using Vue/Vuetify so that we can include custom dashboards for our servers. Now that Ayya @Sabbamitta mentions it, I guess it’s also a team bookmark manager. Feel free to clone it and rebuild it arbitrarily to suit your own needs.


Wow, that’s really cool!

I had no idea it was this sophisticated. I’ve always resisted doing something like this, as I thought it would be extra maintenance, and better to just do everything in Github. But I have to admit, it looks pretty sweet!

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I can’t find this plugin for Chrome. :person_shrugging:

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Thanks! :blush:

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