My experience at lion of wisdom, and also retreat recommendations?

i did a ~ 7-day self-led retreat at lion of wisdom meditation center. it was invaluable

we did yoga and group meditation twice a day, and there was ample time in between for me to meditate; thus i did upwards of six hours of meditation per day.

i did not attain any grand attainments, but i had a pleasant abiding, and i have access to this experience in memory. it’s easier to see the benefits of practice like this, and despite feeling woes of being a householder i can continue on with hope of one day having the freedom to meditate the majority of a day every day and eventually attain full awakening

anyway, i have more paid time off this year, and i just got my passport in the mail. due to cost and convenience i would rather travel within US, but canada flights are cheap as american flights, and for the right opportunity going anywhere in the world is a possibility, pending travel restrictions

i tend to prefer theravada, but i have mahayana influences, and i don’t care so much if i’m not compelled to practice strictly according to retreat or teacher instructions – btw, i was not required to practice according to lion of wisdom’s instructions but was free to use what i found useful, which i did.

btw, i do support and recommend lion of wisdom meditation center, especially if you are 1) able to lead your own retreat and 2) not picky about amenities


For those not familiar, this is their website:

Bhante Y. Rahula is the teacher there. Since the OP was doing daily yoga, I’m assuming that means Bhante is in residence now.


Yes, and I found it very helpful from a practical standpoint. I have a spinal condition that causes discomfort and pain, and this practice was relieving for that