My Life My Practice (interviews by Ajahn Sona) with Pamutto Bhikkhu


This is a series, and I think there are ? episode numbers, if they are, will add, and I suuggest it might be good info to add to title. :slight_smile:

TY for this.

I listened to all of them.
Ajahn Sona is a very good interviewer.
Very professional.
When you view in Youtube all the series appear there.

Very much looking forward to seeing the other episodes. Don’t miss also his talk to Stanford, if you enjoy him; very enjoyable and instructive. It is also on youtube and I’ll post unless someone else does first!

I like Canadians… though I will make jokes about them. There are delightful aspects to that culture which i admire.

Thanks. I have already watched that. It is great.

Agree. They have something unique about them.

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