Mythological Ideas in the Suttas - Imagining a way in which they can be true


Hello friends,
Since some time I think about, how in the suttas there appear to be teachings that are in odds with science, mount meru and so on. Now I am trying a hypothesis in which these things can be understand and are also factual. For example that mount meru is the earths magnetic field.
Do you have such theories?
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I comment Ven Sujato’s course on Buddhist mythology to you.

Also these search results, that include many more links.


Thank You.


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My working hypothesis is that the myths exhaust the questing mind, freezing it up to the point where grasping ceases. Like this:

AN7.62:2.2: I was Sakka, lord of gods, thirty-six times.

Reading this, one understands “Aww crap, I can’t even remember my last life, let alone thirty-six times Sakka. sigh. Guess I’ll just have to go back to everyday practice…being here and now without wishes in this very life…”