Name for sanghakamma of not-paying-respect?

In the course of my translation of the Chinese bhiksuni pratimoksas, I came across the sanghakamma where bhikkhunis decide not to pay respect to a misbehaving bhikkhu.
In the Pali, the description is at Culavagga 10, at the beginning of the second recitation section. Do we have an established English name for this sanghakamma?
IB Horner and Ajahn Thanissaro (BMC2) just give a description, not a proper name:

“That monk is to be made one who is not to be greeted by the Order of nuns”
"He should not be paid homage by the Community of bhikkhunis.”


I don’t think so. In his Revival of the Bhikkhunī Order and the Decline of the Sāsana Ven. Anālayo translates the avandiya part of avandiyakammaṃ as “should be made one to whom no homage is paid,” but I’m not aware of anyone who’s produced any translation of the whole compound, let alone an established one.

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Just pinging @Brahmali in on this.

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The term avandiyakamma does not occur in the Canonical Pali, but only in the commentaries. This might explain the translation choice of I.B. Horner and Ajahn Ṭhānissaro. It is clear enough from the context, however, that this is a sanghakamma. I haven’t transalted the Bhikkhunī-kkhandaka yet and so still have to decide how to deal with this.

Off the top of my head I would suggest something like “The procedure for withholding respect”.


Thanks, Ajahn, for your suggestion!

There is also a nice German translation of the term, made by Waldschmidt in 1926, “Nichtachtung”, but it doesn’t translate well into English. I’ll go with your suggestion then.