Nanattasanna / Perceptions of diversity

The phrase ‘perceptions of diversity’ comes up a bit in the suttas I read; specifically today it came up as the last of the defilements listed in MN 129. Im wondering if anyone can shed a bit of light on the phrase. Is it about awareness of features and details? Self/other? An awareness of name/form that then separates the meditator from the meditation object? None of the above?


I read it as referring to the 5 senses. Jhāna then would be of 1 perception and 1 perception only, i.e. meditative absorption free of the 5 senses.

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I think you mean MN128 - Corruptions.

The notes to Bhikkhu Bodhis translation indicate that it is about not sticking to one object “As I attended to different kinds of forms, perception of diversity arose in me”. I take this to mean absence of ‘one pointedness’.

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"There are beings with diversity of body and diversity of perception, such as human beings, some devas. This is the first station of consciousness.

"There are beings with diversity of body and singularity of perception, such as the devas of the Brahma hosts generated by the first [jhana] . This is the second station of consciousness.
—DN 15


I do mean MN 128 specifically but tbh this phrase has mildly agitated me for some years. Not any more tho - clarity at last! :pray:

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