Navigation inconsistencies and foibles

As we are working on an improved backend data structure, I wanted to make a list in one place of specific issues with the navigation that we can fix at this time. In no particular order.

  1. In /ps, ps 2.7.1 appears as a parallel of the Dhammacakka, it is out of place in hierarchy here.
  2. In /kd, the first three entries likewise appear out of place.
  3. In the Tibetan texts, we should remove the “critical edition” category, and scratch peking. Main ref system should be Derge, peking and critical editions can be vol/page.
  4. In Sanskrit Suttas, we inconsistently use “Other Fragments” in menu, and “Sanskrit Fragments” in ID. Neither is useful or accurate, as many of these texts are quite large and complete. I would suggest “Sanskrit Miscellaneous”. And it should be at the top of the menu, as it is by far the most important section of the Sanskrit texts.
  5. The bracketed (Parivara) menu entries in Pali Vinaya should be reconciled with the main Parivara entry. Note that the comparable menu entry under Mahasanghika Khandhaka is in fact correct; this is because the parallels are organized in terms of Khandhakas, but these are not actually found in the Mahasanghika Vinaya.