New formats of Bhante Sujato's translations: EPUB, Kindle, PDF, TXT, XHTML, DOCX


Been working on new editions of multiple formats of Bhante @Sujato’s translations. They are all derived from the epubs downloaded from SuttaCentral on 13 Nov 2019. I thought I would start posting so I could get feedback as I go along. Each format is custom made to be most suitable for that particular file type.


  • Reformatted EPUB. Most importantly is a hierarchical table of contents which makes it much, much easier to use.
  • Kindle. This is custom made so the table of contents works
  • DOCX
  • PDF. A4, Letter, A5 (good for viewing on a tablet)
  • xHTML. Why not!
  • TXT in both Unicode and ASCII. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing, eh? Seriously, a friend asked for these versions so they could load them into a handheld digital dictionary they had.

download of .epub from suttacentral not working

Wow, thank you so very much. :pray:

This is exactly what I was hoping for in making my translations freely available!


Well, all the thanks goes to you. I just wish I had scripting skills to help out with.

When I finish with all of the books I’ll give you a list of my suggestions for improvements. The biggest single problem I see is with the flat table of contents. It’s more or less unuseable for the AN and SN. But it appears that the site doesn’t have the headings coded as real headings, or at least that’s what’s happening by the time they become epubs.

I’m super grateful that you make the auto generated epubs available. It’s a great format to use as a foundation for building other things. I will say, though, that looking at the stats from my end, PDFs are in much much higher demand, which is not surprising.


We’ll review the EPUB and PDF creation some time next year, and your input would be greatly appreciated.


Middle Discourses is now uploaded…

Same formats available as the AN I posted previously. Some special features of this edition

  • Pali names have been added for suttas as they appear in the text
  • Heading pages have been added for the 15 vaggas and three top level sections

I specifically wanted to make sure the vaggas were there as they do, mostly, represent the internal structure. Many people will say that the suttas are organized by length not topic, however internally there is grouping that is at least as relevant as the SN groupings.


Now the Digha Nikaya is ready. Any feedback is welcome.


Thanks for these versions @snowbird From what I’ve seen so far they work very well on my Kindle Paperwhite.

Just wondering if there was any plan to do a line by line Pali/English version like we have on the website?


So, these latest reformatted versions are based on the ones automatically generated on the downloads page. I seem to remember hearing that there is the intention to one day make a Pali-English version available. I had even considered manually creating ones for the DN and MN by copying each sutta into an epub file. However, SuttaCentral doesn’t really generate html pages, so the code I would need for such a project isn’t there.

In the mean time, Bhante Anandajoti has many ebooks available that have Pali line by line. You can get them here:


Tremendous. Thank you very much.


If you want to do this, use bilara i/o. You can export the Pali/English together with HTML or whatever as a spreadsheet or whatever, and recombine them in any way you want.


Although I might qualify as a geek, a dev I’m not.

If anyone wanted to try and export the MN as individual html/xhtml files I’d be happy to give it a shot. The Pali should somehow be different from the English in the code. Like a different html class.