New meaning for Avijja?

In the following video Ven. Punnaji gives a new meaning to Avijja. I wish to have a further discussion on that. I can’s summarise what he said because I can’t fully comprehend his point.

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Hi Sarath

The video is over hour long. Could you kindly refer to which point you are referring to? At what time in the video? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Venerable Punnaji seems to have a website:

Further below are the notes attached to the video in question and found elsewhere in the internet.

In short, it seems that for this venerable avijja is insentience. In B.Punnaji’s words:

"Existence is a static concept while an activity is a dynamic process. This is why an activity cannot exist; Therefore this absence of the activity called mind, where there is no sensation or feeling is called Insentience;

The ascetic Siddhartha Gotama, when he entered this state of stopping the mind and restarted this activity called mind and saw how the mental process was creating the world, the self and the distress called suffering, he became enlightened about the Suffering, its cause, its end and the way leading to its end. This was how he became a Buddha;

The Buddha called this knowledge or Enlightenment Vijja;

This knowledge or Enlightenment (vijja) began to grow from the time when the activity called mind was stopped and started again;

When the activity called mind was stopped the Enlightenment (vijja) was absent;

When the activity called mind was started the Enlightenment (vijja) began to grow;

Therefore the stopping of the mind naturally becomes the Absence of Enlightenment (avijja);

As one emerges from Cessation of Sensation and Feeling (Saññā Vedayita Nirodha), one begins to become aware of the Antecedental Concurrence (Paṭicca-samuppāda);

When one is fully awakened from this state of Insentience (avijjā), one has ceased to exist (bhava) because one goes through a paradigm shift and Awakens from the dream of existence (Nirodha-samāpatti).'

BP.20160505_ArupaSamadhi.pdf (150.8 KB)

This is somehow related to the idea that some EBTs suggest such supreme states of stillness has a significant role in the fruition of destruction of taints. Which is the subject of the topic:

Nevertheless, I am not sure I truly understand what he trying to say!

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This is incorrect. Vijja comes before ‘stopping the mind’.

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Linked video starting at the point the question is raised. But he discuss this in details in the early part of the video. This whole video is a double dutch to me.:grinning: