New parallels to add

This is a list of new parallels that I come across from time to time.

  • AN 5.255=pc7*, pc44*, pc45*, pc46* (This is an interesting link between sutta and vinaya. The wording makes it clear that the sutta follows the Vinaya in this case. But the sequence is different to the current Pali text)

let’s link to here all other findings

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I take it that you mean pi-tv-bu-vb-pc7, etc.
Will add it to correspondence.csv

yes, thanks.

parallels of each other AN 4.13, AN 4.275


verses in AN 3.33 = verses 2 & 3 of Sutta Nipata’s Udaya­māṇava­pucchā sutta (Snp 5.14)


I’ve added these to correspondence.csv

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Brahma Sahampati’s request parallel

Ariyapariyesana sutta (MN 26)
Vinaya’s Mahakhandhaka

I’ve added it but it will not show up yet until we have the new system implemented because these are partial texts.

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The verses of AN 6.43/MA 118 parallel those of Udayi at Thag 15.2.

not a parallel per se, but rather a common motif, or maybe because it’s in verse the phrase had to be compressed and reworded to meet the metre

Ariyapariyesana sutta (MN 26)

vippasannāni kho te, āvuso, indriyāni, parisuddho chavivaṇṇo pariyodāto. Kaṃsi tvaṃ, āvuso, uddissa pabbajito, ko vā te satthā, kassa vā tvaṃ dhammaṃ rocesī’ti?

Anuruddhatheragatha (Thag 16.1)

bhiyyo vaṇṇo pasīdati;

Kiṃ bhadante karitvāna,
ko vā ācariyo tava;
Kassa sāsanamāgammasāsana

The verse at AN 6.45#27 is a partial parallel of that at AN 3.85#4.

This has been added. Also changed the coding in the Thag 15.2 because there was no to close the hgroup so the whole thing ended up in small caps.

Also added and took out a space behind the in AN 6.45.

I’m not entirely sure what to do with this one. @Sujato?

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I think no need to do anything. It’s an interesting echo of a phrase, but too slight to qualify as a parallel.

At AN 6.63 we have a cross reference to Kv 2.4. This is incorrect, it should be Kv 8.4#33. This is, I would guess, a systematic error that needs looking at. Also, in the Kv the SC paragraph numbers are not per text but per chapter. Again, this needs looking into. We should be consistent.

I cannot see this cross reference you speak of:

I searched through the files and there is no cross reverence at all with Kv 2.4.
But I will match up an6.63#9 with kv8.4#33 in correspondence.csv

They are in the pali texts.

Cross references are in the Pali texts, not in the CSV files. This is one of the things we need to do for our JSON project, extract such references so that all parallels, including cross-references, are in one unified format.

In addition, the verse in question has another parallel, sn1.34#4

No, they continue from one text to the next. For example, the second section begins with paragraph 386. It should begin with one.

From what I have seen of those that I extracted from the DHP: most of them are wrong! You can see in this specific example that the reference is to Kv 2.4 Aṭṭhamavagga/ Kāmakathā - the second part of the reference is correct but the number is wrong. This is something I have seen in the DHP very often too. Like you said, this is a systematic error.
I will write a little python program to extract them all into one file, but still they would need to be gone over by hand (maybe ask for a volunteer?) and then added to the JSON database I am working on.

I C. I will make this an issue on Github and can renumber them using the python tool for that. But this will also have an effect on all parallels and cross references referring to those.

(PS. Not sure if this issue should be here - which is the post for adding new parallels)

I think the thing to do will be to discuss it with @Blake first, as he prepared these texts and will be more likely to anticipate such systematic errors. I have got the impression, and I may well be wrong, that the situation is different in different texts. We might find the four nikayas are okay, but other texts more problematic. It might be useful to check some sample parallels across different texts to see if this is the case.

But anyway, let’s see about having a chat with Blake sometime soon and we can discuss this.

If I’m correct the whole hardcoded system of cross-references will change anyway and it will all go into a json file.