A parallel to add?

i’m not sure whether this can qualify as a parallel proper

but there’s the same motive of cowherd, cows and crops as a simile for guarding and curbing unskillful thoughts and desires appearing both in the Thag 6.12 (last verse) and in the MN 19 (par. SC 6)

maybe worth adding this reciprocally as parallels

This is an interesting case, thanks for raising it. It doesn’t count as a parallel for us; we treat a parallel as being a different version of the same text. Here we have two quite different texts that share a common motif.

In fact this set of verses refers several times explicitly to things found in the prose suttas. It would be nice to have a set of such references, where we could trace the links between the suttas. An astonishing implementation of this has been done for the Bible at http://bibviz.com/

But we don’t have the data for that, yet. One day!

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AN 4.255 looks as a partial parallel to MN 26 and is named accordingly - Pariyesana sutta

It’s definitely a distinctive shared passage. I’ll pass it along to Rod, who decides such matters for us. He’s in seclusion now, finishing the Madhyamagama translation, so it might be a little while before he can look at it.

Meanwhile, with the new data system we’re working on it will become much easier and cleaner to identify such specific shared passages, so we can develop a richer set of parallels.

So keep them coming!

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Occasionally I come across parallels we don’t have on SC, so I might as well list them here. We can add them at some point.

AN 5.208 = pi-tv-kd15#175-176
AN 5.203 = AN 4.112*

For the time being, I have added all to the correspondence.csv but with a # in front of it when it is parallels between sutta and vinaya texts until things have been converted to JSON.

Great, thanks. Tell you what, I’ll make a new post for this going forward and wikify it, then you can edit it as you proceed.