New Site - Quote vs. Text Size

Hi guys, thanks again to everyone involved for the new site, to Bhante S. for the translations and the whole team for maintaining the site!

Like all users I’m getting used to the site and the changes in the UI experience. Just one thing that seems disproportionate to me (are people already getting used to it?) is that in a topic the quotes are so outstanding, probably due to the large font compared to the text.

My eye automatically wanders to the quote and less to what people wrote. Reminds me of textbooks that have a highlighted quote on the page to loosen up the reading experience. So that is a bit irritating to my eyes at least now.

I wonder how other people experience it?


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be reviewing this in coming weeks.


I find it disturbing in that for me it makes it difficult to keep focuss on entire discussion not just quotes. However i appreciate a clear er distinction between quotes and comments. Perhaps equally sized differing fonts or something?In the meantime, taking this as a practice opportunity, regarding good listening/reading/communication.