New Theravada Bhikkhuni Ordinations a Cause for Joy

New Theravada Bhikkhuni Ordinations a Cause for Joy

This year, the United Theravāda Bhikkhunī Saṅgha International, an organization based in Bodh Gaya, India, celebrated its first International Theravada Bhikkhuni Ordination. The ordination ceremony took place on 11-12 November in Bodh Gaya, in coordination with the Maha Bodhi Society of India. Holding the event there, they noted, was important as it is the site of the Buddha’s awakening.

At the ceremony, 31 new bhikkhunis were given full or higher ordination—this is distinguished from novice ordination, which has been maintained in Theravada countries including Myanmar and Sri Lanka. The new group of fully ordained nuns came from countries including Australia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

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