New translations and corrections uploaded

A load of new updates have just gone live on SuttaCentral! :heart_eyes:

They include many corrections in Bhante Sujato’s translations and an update to Ajahn Brahmali’s translation of the Vinaya (from Bhikkhu Vibhaṅga Pj1–Pc50), although please note, these are currently being worked on and so are only draft releases (you’ll see some funky details pop-up from time to time - don’t worry, we know; it will get cleaned up. :smiley: )

In addition, newly available translations include:

A complete new set of German DN translations from Ven. Thalpawila Kusalagnana (MA), Dr. Mudagamuwe Maithrimurthi & Thomas Trätow

Several (DN, MN, Bhikkhu Vibhaṅga Pj1–np30) new Bengali translations

Norwegian SN40–41

Indonesian Mahāvastu 1-29

A selection of English translations of the Vimānavatthu

Aaaaaand, a Russian translation of DN25

With deep thanks to all contributors!


Thanks so much Aminah, Blake, Ven Vimala, and all those who contributed to these, this is a great update.


Great… Proud of you @seniya :+1: