New translations oploaded in English, French, Indonesian, Tibetan

Please forgive me that I list all new translations that were uploaded in the last month in a single post. I’ve been rather busy lately.

  1. New translations in English were added for Majjhima Nikāya 56, 62 and 66, translated by I.B. Horner and coded for SC by @Brother_Joe.

  2. Anguttara Nikāya 2 and 3 in French were uploaded, translated and coded by @silence. There are however still a few issues where the file-structures do not match our menu and I still have to look into that so some files will not show up as a result.

  3. English translation of part of the T210 Chinese Dharmapada text by Bhikkhu Kuala Lumpur Dhammajoti has been added.

  4. New English translations of the Therāpadāna and Therīapadāna, translated by Jonathan S. Walters have been added.

  5. A new Indonesian translation of the Arthaviniścaya has been added, translated by @Jhindra.

  6. The Tibetan Udanavarga has been added in both Tibetan and in English translation by Woodville Rockhill and prepared for us by @Yasoj.

  7. The English translations of the Therīgāthā by C.A.F. Rhys Davis, Ajahn Thanissaro, a.o. has been coded for us by Ayya Kathrin @vimalanyani.

Thank you so much to all our volunteers for all your help and contributions. It is great to see so many people working together to spread the Dhamma in so many languages!

Several other volunteers are working on other texts. Penny Jordan, @Yasoj, @Aminah, @aconlan, Manfred Wierich, @Brother_Joe, @silence and others so please forgive me if I have forgotten somebody.

I’m currently also working on adding and correcting parallels for the Dhammapadas/Udanavargas with the help of @lemon and @crizna, but at the moment I have little time to spend on this. Please practice patience :wink:.


Great work :clap: !

with metta

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Sādhu… :anjal:

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Thanks so much, that’s an astonishing range of texts!


thanks so much for that interesting update

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