New York’s Rubin Museum is Closing

Rubin Museum to Shutter New York Space After 20 Years, Pivot to ‘Global’ Model

This is sad news for New York and the world of Buddhist art, particularly Himalayan Buddhist art.

It’s not unexpected, the last several times we’ve been to the Rubin it was pretty empty, and they closed their small (and quite good) restaurant a few years ago, during COVID as I recall.

My wife and I visited the Rubin most recently a couple of weeks ago and for the first time met someone by chance who recognized me from my YouTube videos. That was very cool.

sabbe saṅkhārā aniccā


Sad… I was there just a few months ago! Maybe the Tibet House can get some of their collection, both are fairly close by and obviously connected via Tibetan Buddhism.


Hi Doug - I would always recognize you. You are all over my Youtube feed :wink:

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