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Luang Por Liem in Brazil !!!

With great happiness we announced that Luang Poh Liem accepted the official invitation from SBB to visit the Buddha River Vihara to give his blessing to the project to establish the Sangha of the monks in Brazil.

Luang Poh Liem is the direct successor of Ajahn Chah and is today the most important monk of Ajahn Chah’s Tradition. No doubt your visit will be one of the most important events in the history of Theravada Buddhism in Brazil.

That is why we sincerely ask that you help us to make this dream possible.

He will come from Thailand accompanied by three other monks. It will arrive in early April and you will be staying with us for almost a month!

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With great honor and joy, we ask the collaboration of all SBB friends in this noble and historic endeavor.


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Congrats and anumodana!


Thank you all!

We have already achieved 60% of our goal !!!



On the recess of the River Buddha Vihara

All have been accompanying the work of the re-emergence of our Buddhist Society of Brazil, the work undertaken by the group of volunteers, practitioners and supporters to make the propitious seat to receive again the Theravada monastic Sangha in Brazil. The work has been great, rewarding and sometimes tiresome, but with the feeling of treading the good path, the path of the Dhamma of the Buddha.

With the passage of time, and with the accomplishment of the several steps involved in this enterprise, we were realizing that some characteristics inseparable from the urban environment could overrule our planning. Rio de Janeiro is an attractive place, it discloses itself and reserves its beauties, some views from above at our headquarters, but also carries its characteristics less inviting to the installation of a Theravada de Floresta monastery. Not surprisingly, the State has faced serious difficulties in maintaining its various services, functions and obligations, notably in the area of ​​public security.

In view of the current situation and thinking ahead of our project, we decided to put into practice the dream of building the monastery in a place more suited to its function: that is, finding a place in the countryside and building a forest monastery, more Away from the big city, where the monks can live in community and the laity can visit and take retreat periods.

In this way, we wish to reserve a peaceful and forest-oriented environment. Within this perspective, and imbued with the attention it deserves, the thirst of Santa Teresa will remain closed and its activities suspended until after the Carnival. We will use this time to evaluate our next steps, with the dedication that the group of volunteers always directed to the institution. We will be available through the channels of always - site, Facebook group, email - to offer support to the practice and answer any questions that may arise.

We will resume activities on Sunday at 10am in the month of March, we will soon announce location and day more accurately.

And between February 17 and 23, VENERABLE RAHULA will be in Rio de Janeiro and will offer activities in public places - keep an eye out to keep informed!

Let us go forward, renewing faith in the three jewels - Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.
Buddhist Society of Brazil



Yipee! Congrats. :sunglasses:


St. Lawrence received a visit from Thai monks who chose a spot on the outskirts of the city to build the first Thai Buddhist Monastery in the Brazil!

São Lourenço (Minas Gerais)



Have they already decided on the name ? :slight_smile:


As soon as they advertise we will post here!



Wat Pah Suddhavāri



What a beautiful name they picked!


Monastery Land purchase!



Suddhavāri Monastery New Website

Construction in Progress!



Our meditation room is almost ready



Visit of Luang Por Piak to Brazil

We inform you that Luang Pók Piak, Ajahn Mudito’s teacher, will be in Brazil for a brief visit later this month. He will be accompanied by Luang Pó Isara and Ajahn Sapai, as well as a group of lay disciples. Although they remain in Brazil for longer days, the only events open to the public will take place at the Suddhavāri Monastery, in São Lourenço, June 22 and 23.

Day 22, during the day, he will visit the place and at the end of the afternoon will be available to chat informally with visitors. The meeting will take place at the home of Silvio Piantino (where there is a sign written “Dhammaghara”, just outside the monastery’s street) around 17:00.

Saturday, 23rd, is when we will hold a ceremony to formally dedicate the monastery grounds to the Buddha Sāsanā and baptize the meditation hall of “Kantasīla Vihāra”, in honor of Luang Pó Piak. The ceremony will begin at 8:30, there will be a short land offer ceremony, a lecture on the teachings of the Buddha, a recitation of Buddhist texts to bless the gifts and then another quick ceremony installing the plaque as the hall name. Admission is free and it is not necessary to register. All are welcome.



Meditation Hall