Nikini uposatha day

Good day to all.
Please, does anyone know how is Nikini uposatha day observed by lay followers (who ordinary do not live in monastery, only sometimes)?
I was reading about fasting and I’m not sure if there should be fasting for whole day or only afternoon like during other uposatha days (and if whole day is only for monks and other people in monastery during that day)?
Thank you for aby answers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Kraty, normally we just fast after noon and before dawn of the next day for uposatha. People may do other things, but if so, it’s idiosyncratic or local practice. Not sure why Nikini poya would be different.


Venerable Suvira, thank you very much for your answer. :anjal:

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Just try to not be attach to any rituals … trust yourself and listen from inside.

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