Nonself vlinsight vs no self felt in jhana

question. Is there a difference between non self feeling in jhana vs insight of no self?
many ppl say there is no self in jhana including other traditions including Mahayana or non Buddhist. Is the knowldge there is no self no me in jhana the same as insight into non self and make one a stream enterer?

if someone says the self was gone, there was no me. Is that insight into seeing the Dhamma so at least stream enterer?

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Just from theory point of view.

No. It’s possible for people of other faiths to get into Jhānas, and still believe in God etc, which is not the characteristic of stream winners, who cannot take another as a teacher.

They could very well take Jhāna experience as the real self. Some people could also train until a lot of sense of self drops, and non dual experience is normal for them, but if they say something is leftover after parinibbāna, I think they haven’t seen that whatever they are perceiving, consciousness etc are also to be regarded as not self.