Not found in the Pali-English Dictionary. Does anyone know?


Vinibbhujati (or °bhuñjati):1. to turn inside out 2. to separate, cut off, remove 3. [the same.] to cleanse; figurative(ly). to sift out thoroughly, to distinguish, discriminate

Vinibbhujati: gerund. vinibbhujitvā (?)=> to distinguishing, discriminating (?)


Paññāpeti: 1. to make known, declare, point out, appoint, assign, recognise, define 2. to lay down, fold out, spread

Su3: a particle of interrogation, often added to interrogative pronouns

paññāpetu=> paññāpeti+su3 (?)

Labbhā ca panimesaṃ dhammānaṃ vinibbhujitvā [vinibbhujjitvā vinibbhujjitvā (ka.)] vinibbhujitvā nānākaraṇaṃ paññāpetu’’nti?


having separated/cut off/removed

paññāpetun <-- paññāpetuṃ

to discern/recognize

on Gerund/Absolutive

on Infinitive

a good way to study Pali is by using existing translations as the guides collating with them your own dictionary aided understanding and translation.

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Thank you for your help.
I think it will be very much helpful.