Note on translation to Spanish, message to Isadata, aka A Brn

I think I found a mistake in the translation of one Sutta to Spanish.

It seems a mistake in typing , leading to a mistake in meaning. It says the main character in the Sutta took celibaby as fith precept, while in the Spanish translation appears as precept by faith. “precept by faith”.

I tried to contact with the translator to Spanish in several ways, by Gmail, by Facebook Messenger, by an old Dhamma friend who has him, Isidatta or A B as Facebook Friend. I have also tried to contact him by this web site.
I guess he is very busy and it is a messy time worldwide
Now it is more than a week that I started to contact him

Just that. Metta and Mudita from Southern Spain.

Aurora (GRACE)


Thanks so much for highlighting this! Once you have the correction confirmed please let me know, and I’ll update the corresponding file as necessary.

With metta :pray:


I just got an answer from Isidatta, aka Anton Baron, the translator of Suttas into Spanish in Suttacentral. Not direct answer to me, but to an old fellow in Theravada Buddhism in Spain, who is a “Facebook friend” for me and also Isidatta (or Anton Baron or the translator into Spanish in Suttacentral). All, the same person.

I will copy and paste here in Spanish and later I will do the translation. So you can check my translation with other people, fluent in Spanish.

“Hola, yo ya no me dedico a esto y en Facebook está bien claro un aviso que señala que BT se convirtió en un sitio estático y no hay nadie quien pueda responder las consultas. Saludos”

My translation:
“Hello, I do not do that work anymore. In Facebook it is clear a warning that points that BT (Bosque Theravada, I guess, Theravada Forest) has become an static site. Nobody can answer or give feedback. Regards.”

I have done quite a free translation.

So, I think Suttacentral should take someone to have the responsability to decide in case of suggested mistakes.
I have further suggestions, but I will only give if you ask me about them.
I understand it is not the best timing for minor tasks in the face of great disstress and global anxiety.

I already sent this message to Gillian.

Best regards. Metta and Mudita.


What a disappointing answer.
Supposedly he is a bhikkhu, right?
I would expect someone in robes to care and be keen to discuss translations. :thinking:
Is he aware his translations are used in SuttaCentral?


What an opportunity is open!

edit: perhaps a volunteer “job” decription of qualifications and responsibilities might be stated? (This would make it easy to publicize.) (General question, not directed at the Original Poster.)


whose Spanish is incredibly elementary. :rofl: :rofl:
Do we have active Spanish translators, does anyone know?

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He is not a Bhikkhu and as far as I know he has never been a monastic.
He is married and have a child
I guess he knows his translations are used in Sutta central.
I think he used to have direct email contact with Bhante Sujato.
Best wishes.
Metta and Mudita.
Keep on the good job.


As I said, I have suggestions, but I will wait till someone from Suttacentral directly asks me about them.
I know several could people who could be helpful.

Metta and Mudita.


Thanks so much for looking into this and so sorry you didn’t get a more satisfying answer.

It’s a slightly tricky one as, on the whole the guiding principle is to preserve the integrity of any translators’ translation. However, the correction of obvious typing errors should be okay. If Spanish speakers are confident that this is very clearly a simple typo (rather than the translators’ particular word choice) then I’m happy to change it.

I wonder if @Javier might kindly share his thoughts?


I am Spanish and the typo is really obvious. It is not a matter of words but a clear mistake.

With Metta.



Great! Many thanks.

If the mistaken word/s could be highlighted and the fix could be given here I’ll make the change at the next opportunity (just at the moment, all activity has been suspended on the legacy format texts repository, where this text is stored. This is just for a short while, so the devs can make a little switch).


I would change “a las reglas del entrenamiento con el celibato por la fe” to something like “a las reglas del entrenamiento siendo el celibato la quinta”. The text is repeated twice in the sutta.

What do you think @GRACE?


I agree with the previous posters. The mistake is obvious. The translator must have mistaken fifth as faith. I take it he must have been translating form the English, not the Pali?


Thanks for being here @Aminah. And thanks for the original alert @GRACE.


Fully agre with your translation.


I think so. It does not seem as translating from pali, but we might be wrong.
Best regards from Southern Spain