Notes on the segmentation of Pali Vinaya with Brahmali's translation


Kd 18 segment 378
“At that time a number of monks staying in the wilderness.”

… a number of monks were staying in the wilderness. :white_check_mark:

Segment 395
“They are criminal, not monks,”

They are criminals, not monks… :white_check_mark:


“She has not come because of an obstruction.”

is missing from @brahmali 's translation at



Also there are a couple of cases where the Pali has … pe …, (generally, for Dutiyampi) but the English is fully spelled out. Is that intentional?


Thanks, Tara. I have now corrected it. I really appreciate it that you alert me to such problems.

And yes, I have sometimes spelled out in full what is abbreviated in the Pali. In my experience people often want to look up individual passages rather than read a full document. And this is probably especially so with important passages such as the ordination procedure. In these cases it can is helpful to have the text in full.


After the 18th Khandhaka there isn’t the slightest doubt any more on how to clean a kuti… :broom: and a few more things! :smiley:

Ajahn @brahmali, the next chapter, please! :anjal:


The shinkansen powers on, destination approaching fast! :grinning:

Yes, the details on cleaning a kuṭi are amazingly detailed. I have my doubts the Buddha actually laid this down. Didn’t he say something about abolishing the minor rules? :thinking:

The next khandhaka, the 19th, is on its way. This is about cancelling the pātimokkha for dodgy monastics. A bit technical, but quite short. Enjoy!


And they are repeated many times in full, and still a couple of times abbreviated… and the English always has them in full.

Quite agree! :laughing:

What is this?


The shinkansen is the Japanese bullet train, famous for being very fast. Maybe we should rename it the sabbamitta!


Ah, OK. Here, close to the French border, we have the TGV.


Kd 19 segment 90
“my disciples to not transgress the training rules I have laid down, even for the sake of life”

my disciples do not transgress… :white_check_mark:


Surely, this is meant idiomatically:

“your friends may say, “It’s raining cats and dogs!”. When you look up at the sky, however, you can’t see any domesticated pets!


Kd 19 again

I think it would be good to merge segments 161 (Te—), 162 (“puramhākaṃ pesalā bhikkhū pātimokkhaṃ ṭhapentī”ti—), and 163 (paṭikacceva suddhānaṃ bhikkhūnaṃ anāpattikānaṃ avatthusmiṃ akāraṇe pātimokkhaṃ ṭhapenti.). The translation is “the monks from the group of six canceled, without reason, the Monastic Code of the pure monks to preempt them” which is difficult to be divided according to the Pali.

For now I put the whole sentence in the last of the three segments; this can of course be an alternative solution.


Agreed! :slightly_smiling_face:


Kd 20 is finished. I’m ready for new work.


Yay! Well done. There are only three chapters left, one of which is not yet ready for input. The next one in line is the khandhaka on the first council, number 21. I will email it to you pronto. I hope you find it interesting.

Thanks for all your kind support with this. :grinning:


The 19th Khandhaka is finished… do you still have another one, Ajahn @brahmali?

Thank you! :anjal:


Great! :grinning: Closer and closer. It’s kind of exciting, as we are nearing the finish line. The next khandhaka is on its way.


Wow, this is getting really close, two khandhakas left to go!


On pli-tv-kd21:1.14.32 I added a comment about a possible typo in the note.

“means they do not make is go to uselessness and ruin.”

should perhaps be

“means they do not make it go to uselessness and ruin.” ?


KD 21 is finished.