Number of grave offences (thullaccaya) for bhikkhus & bhikkhunis

Has anyone undertaken a count of the number of thullaccaya-offences for bhikkhus vs. bhikkhunis?

I ran a quick search with DPR, which brought to surface the following results:

Bhikkhuvibhaṅga: 203
Bhikkhunīvibhaṅga: 29
MV + CV: 68

These numbers, however, must be taken with a grain of salt, because many of the thullaccayas of the Bhikkhuvibhaṅga, also apply to Bhikkhunis.
Likewise, there is probably a great overlap between those found in MV + CV, even though not all apply to both sexes.

e.g. most bhikkhunis wouldn’t be able to cut off their penis (thullaccaya)

I wonder whether anyone has undertaken a study on this matter, giving the exact numbers of thullaccayas that apply to bhikkhus and bhikkhunis respectively.