OBU's new Intro to Buddhism Course

It’s been a while since I last posted here about The Open Buddhist University so I thought I’d given an update.

The University Library now has 1500 pieces of hand-picked content and in addition to the 16 on-site courses, I’ve added links to 10 external courses in subjects further afield—from Tibetan and American poetry, to gender studies and biology.

But today I’m mostly posting to announce version 2.0 of OBU’s “Introduction”:

It features all the same classics as V1 (What the Buddha Taught, The Miracle of Mindfulness, etc) but adds several new books and weaves in lectures by Bhikkhu Bodhi, Ajahn Brahm, Robina Courtin, and others.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on V1, but extra big thanks to @Snowbird for his thoughtful suggestions and encouragement. The new version is much better for your sharp eyes! :pray:

Being just finished today, I’m sure there’s a lot still to improve, so if you see something: say something! Thanks again, and I hope you find it helpful.



I definitely like how it is ecumenical and brings in teachings from different Buddhist traditions. Great work!


Thanks for noticing @Javier ! It is something I’m trying to do (while remaining faithful to “Early Buddhism”)

If you know of any good repositories of (high quality, open access, English language) Chan/Zen Dhamma Talks / Essays let me know! Those have been especially hard to find :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your effort to develop such great curricula, Bhante! :pray::pray::pray:

I like some short clips of talks by Zen Master Dae Bong:

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Thank you, Venerable, for your work on the Open Buddhist University. I have just today used it to study Nibbana - The Mind Stilled. Although reading is difficult with my eyesight, I was still able to glean the depth of these texts.


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You can listen to Bhikkhu Analayo read it! Nibbāna Lectures Taught by Analayo Bhikkhu - Google Drive :slight_smile:

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thank you!


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I just listened to Lecture #1. The audio is quite the relief and plays well. In addition, there are some bonuses not found in print–Ven. Analayo has a mighty duel with church bells. And the bells gracefully went silent of their own accord. Extinguished in perfect counterpoint.