"Old fashioned sexist" monk (in his own words)

Bhante Jason Chan
Published on Jul 20, 2017
4th and 5th duties of wives to husbands from the Sigala Sutta (DN 31). This is a excerpt of a longer talk about the 5 duties of husbands to wives and of wives to husbands.

The first 8 minutes of the video is on the topic

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Is he the same wandering monk?


Yes, it appears so. I was very impressed with this talk, very much. :seedling:


I can see why those families that have the luxury of a stay at home parent may have a benefit, but I think it’s unhelpful (for both men and women) to enforce the gender stereotype that women have to be the ones to stay at home and the men have to work.

I know several families where the mother has more skills/more valuable work and works full time to support the family, while dad stays at home. All family parties are happier and better off with this arrangement but “old fashioned sexist” values say they should not.

In fact, in the sutta you quote it says nothing about who should stay at home and who should work, and I think reinforcing sterotypes about this can actually do harm to both sexes.

Perhaps if women can stop being trapped/coerced into their traditional gender roles, they can study, become scientists and contribute to innovations that reduce the environmental burden of climate change. If you really want to get environmental, educate girls so they don’t become mothers (too many too early) and contribute to our existing burden of overpopulation. Even better give them the equal support to become nuns and be free of samsara forever. Any ‘solution’ to make lay life in samsara better is a delusion.


Deeele, you must have special powers, being a person living with a 1950’s worldview and having somehow transported himself into 2017. I understand that great meditators, Dipa Ma being one of these rare types, could transport herself through time. Maybe she was saddened to understand that in 2017, people still held such archaic and unfair views toward women,and gender roles. If you can project yourself into 2027, you’ll see a world where women run many governments, are CEOs of DJIA companies, and occupy all of the rights and responsibilities that men lay claim to now, and no one will blink an eye.

“Radical feminism” is simply viewing women with all of the respect and rights and responsibilities that men enjoy. A just and fair world, with a level playing field for women and men. There’s nothing “left wing” about treating all people justly and fairly.


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If that is correct , then you won’t be having this convenience of the Internet forum right now ? Would you ? Because of innovation for better communication that make it convenient for us to communicate, we are now applying this so called “better yet delusional” gadgets! This world is not a delusion , but , It is rather the “view” that is deluded !
So, any advanced development should not necessarily be taken as negative and delusional act . No offense , Would you rather to live in the jungle these day ?
Would you think the advanced medical facilities to help human being is also be considered delusional ?


I understand Cara’s point. However, this should not be interpreted literally.
For example, when we discover antibiotics we thought that we won the battle against bacteria.
Now antibiotics became a big threat as bacteria quite comfortably learn to mutate so developed resistance.
It is Ok to find short term solutions but thinking we won the battle against Mara is the delusion.

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Study , innovation , scientists,
reduce climate change , all this
is for better , Is this delusion
and against Mara ?

Nobody is thinking to win
the Mara, It’s just a normal
response to difficulty when
confront while living in this world .
Many people are not buddhist ,
so there is no question for that to arise .

I quite agree with you.
When Buddha sais his teaching Akaliko he mainly thinking about the supermundane teaching or Paramatta Desana.
When Budda taught Singalovada Sutta or Parabhava Sutta they mainly intend for the conventional application. They should not be interpreted as ultimate teaching.

What is the dependent origination of climate change?
We thought automobile going to win our battle against Mara.
Now automobile became the Mara!

Do you use automobile ?

Yes, I do.
But I shit in my pants every morning when I go to work.
The trucks scares me.

Funny enough Ven Jason Chan talk about cars!!
I like this talk better than the previous two.
I generally like to listen to supermundane talks.

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So , you are using Mara
and it is an offense !

No, what I am saying is we should not be slaves to Mara’s weapons.
Automobile, internet, mobile phones they all are Mara’s weapons.
We should use guerilla soldier’s tactics to defeat Mara.
We have to use Mara’s own weapons to defeat him/her.

I believe you are mistaken , and many people also , those are neutral , mind is the issue , without which all is considered dead things .



Bhante Jason is talking about possessing by a Ghost.
Did Buddha say human can be possessed by Ghost?
I believe a human can be influenced by Ghost but not able to possess.

All the Ven Jason Chan youtubes are no longer available? Will the person owning these videos pls put them up?