On Sentient Beings, Metta, and Climate Change

Facebook is normally a source for awful videos. If my sister posts another video of her silly family cat on my old FB page, I may quit FB altogether. But, every so often there’s a video that expresses something powerful and it resonates with bigger picture issues. Sentience. Not-self. Impermanance. Even climate change and a degree of mindfulness about what is happening to the habitats of these amazing sentient cousins of ours.

So, at the risk of being mushy, I had to post this video…too amazing not to.


Here’s a little story to go with the video!


I think some cultures live closer to animals and see that being ‘human’ isn’t all that special. It results in less disconnection with the animal world and maybe even treating animals better, overall. Sadly these simple life styles are fast fading and merging into factory farming, etc.

with metta

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