Online Dharma Community on Discord

Hello friends I am Bhante Varrapanyo an American Buddhist Monk ordained in Thailand in 2018 and under the Guidance of Meditation Master Sayadaw Ashin Ottamathara from Myanmar, for a few years now I have been running an online Meditation Community called Monk Life through an app called Discord.

We are a community of almost 5000 members hosting group meditations and discussions daily.

Would love to invite members of sutta central to come by and visit to take a look. Consider to host some sutta discussions or other such a live community events.

Ask any questions down below~👇🏼


-Bhante Varrapanyo :rainbow:


I know I’m interested. How do we join?

The main way you can join is through the Discord server. It is where announcements are made about group meditation and teachings sessions.

You can get more information through our website

The easiest way may be able to follow through the YouTube channel but you won’t receive announcements through there.

Be well hope you can join sometime


-Varrapanyo Bhikkhu :rainbow:


I’m sorry Bhante, but it said: “Unable to Accept Invite”
Screenshot 2024-04-11 180430

I did not have a problem.

Are you a human?

You have to open your sense doors a bit to be able to distinguish the traffic lights from the motorcycles… then your in!
… indescribable!

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May it be, very soon :pray:t3::pouring_liquid::pouring_liquid::pouring_liquid:

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Thanks so much Venerable! Very happy to see you here, and please be welcomed to let us know of any news or events you may have.

The discord seems to require mobile verification: can this be removed? I do not believe everyone has or is willing to put mobile number into discord.


Should be fixed now


That’s so great! Thank you so much, Bhante! I’ll look into that :blossom: