Online early morning guided meditation

I am wondering if such a meditation is available in Australia-preferably in Victoria, or otherwise the east coast, starting between 6am and 7am? Thank you.


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Hello Nathan,
You may be interested in this:

Those two venerables were used to be at Santi Monastery. They currently seem to have ongoing meditation in the morning(e.g. the next one is on Monday May 23rd), which you can watch on YouTube (the link is on the page above). However, the starting time is not 6, but 5 AEST.
I haven’t participated in their meditations, so I don’t know the contents. I am just referring to them because they are “online early morning guided meditation.”
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Thank you, Kaz. A good starting point. Some mornings I wake up around then. So I now have an option for that morning.

Thank you!