Only in Australia: Buddhist monks blessing lifesaving helicopter


That is my old wat!!! So happy to see Wat Sangha in the news for all the right reasons- they were having trouble with council a few years back & some people said that Nerang wasn’t a Buddhist suburb so they shouldn’t get their development, and I thought, well, I’m Buddhist and I live here, too? In my experience (back in the day, anyway) it was a fantastic local temple in so many ways… I first learned “real” meditation there ( from a Thai-Australian laywoman) & even though I had been Buddhist before that, it changed everything completely. They always had a tissue box and a listening ear ready in case you needed to cry at temple (that was where I learned it’s ok to cry at temple)(really- I did a LOT of crying at this temple). When Luang Ta Maha Bua was still alive, the dhamma feeling was very strong.

I owe so, so much to this place- when I told them I was leaving behind my medical degree to ordain, they didn’t really understand why I would want to become a nun. It’s ok to have a wonderful friendship and then to part ways. Hope they are all doing great these days. :slight_smile: