Only pali & english visible?

shows Pali & English only.

For homepage, has it been localized for other languages? was wanting to give link for Espanol readers.

Selecting language from homepage dropdown menu appearef to have no effect.


Wonderful that you share the site so!

At the moment, the site text has only been localized into Portuguese and Chinese, and in fact there are some glitches with how these translations are being displayed at the moment. Unfortunately, correcting things has just had to go on hold to focus on developing Bilara (SuttaCentral’s translation engine). Once its ready and rolled out, new translations projects for both the suttas and site localization can begin again and there are already several Spanish translators that have expressed interest undertaking site localization.

What selecting Spanish as the preferred languages should already do is highlight wish sutta translations are available in Spanish via a green dot in the sidebar next to any collection available in the chosen language; unfortunately there seems to be a bug somewhere and it’s not working just now. It’s something that we’re already aware of and hopefully can fix soon.

Looking at this further just now I see the bug also affects the languages page which ordinarily should list how many suttas are available in each language, but right now only lists Pali and English. There are 2333 Spanish texts available on SuttaCentral.

If I can help at all finding something particular in Spanish that you wanted to share, please just let me know.

Thanks for your patience! :pray:


My particular interest is not urgent; I offered a sutta in Spanish using the sutta Card listing translations.
Thank you for explaining status. :slight_smile: :anjal:


We have raised these issues with our developers as a matter of urgency. Hopefully they will be fixed soon.