Open invitation to sunday sutta study

I hope this will be allowed.

I host a sutta study on sundays at 11:30 AM central standard time (same as chicago).

We’ve been reading the majjhima nikaya, but this upcoming week we’re going to be looking at the vinaya (Kosambakakkhandhaka) by Bhikkhu Brahmali.

We have been having five to eight people, but the past week was pretty small, so I’d like to get a few more people.

We read and discuss the suttas with no one appointed as a teacher or a spiritual authority

Seems like this site has a lot of smart and well-learned people


New time of 11AM chicago time

Reading majjhima nikaya 71-73 next session

I’m interested. is it via whats app or zoo. send a link?

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it occurs on zoom, messaged you the details

thank you so much. I’m going to sleep now. I don’t know if this reply is private or public… In a few months I’ll be in your time zone so would still like to be notified or in the loop?

I’m very interested in joining the Sunday group if it’s still meeting. Thank you!

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i messaged you with details :slight_smile:

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I’m interested in joining. Please can you provide the Zoom link?

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@Myles i messaged you with details just now. Btw, everyone the new time is 11:30AM central standard time. Not sure how I can edit original post


I have changed it for you. :slight_smile:


the group is going really well.

i just wanted to continue to invite anyone from here who would like to join. it’s extremely fruitful!

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This is so fantastic, thanks so much for doing it!

Reading groups are such a lovely way to build connections and deepen Dhamma.


any sutta study groups at different times more comvenient for Asian time zone?

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Thank you Bhante :gem: :pray:t3: :lotus: