Order the Theragatha, "Verses of the Senior Monks", as a book!

You may now order the Theragatha, or “Verses of the Senior Monks”, as a book on Lulu.com. This is the translation that I did last year together with Jessica Walton. The book is available either as a softcover or a (very nice!) hardcover.

The book will be offered as a gift to any who donate more than $100 to SuttaCentral, or you may just order it directly.

This book is a pilot for a more long range plan to publish books based on the texts found on SuttaCentral.


I found a full PDF file of the book here: http://chuatanvien.com/uploads/kinh-sach/Dai-Tang-Kinh/EN385.pdf

I couldn’t find a full ebook of the Theragatha anywhere else, so thought about scraping all the data and creating a pdf, but then I found the above book which is well-made and readable.

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The link didn’t work for me. :crying_cat_face:

Here’s a pdf file. They used to offer PDF download on Lulu, but it seems to have disappeared.

thag.pdf (386.3 KB)


Did an epub edition of your (@sujato) Theragatha translation ever get published? I have one that is quite nice, but I held off on publishing it as I expected an official one.

I honestly can’t recall. But I am revising the translation, and the revised version will definitely have an epub.


Great! Is there a plan in place for where the epubs will be located on SC? Just wondering where people should be directed to check for official versions. The downloads page?

Also, do you mind if these unofficial versions are put out there to the public? FWIW, I thought your translation is great as is. But thanks for your dedication to improving it.

It looks like there’s a few versions on lulu, and the page count varies pretty widely. 400+ for one version of the hardcover, and 200+ for the softcover versions and another hardcover. Could you provide some guidance as to what’s correct? Thanks!

The shorter page count is the one I did, the longer one was by another publisher. It depends which one you like!

(Psst: I’m revising the translation, and the books will be updated in a couple of months!)


Thanks for the tip. I’ll wait out the revision.