Our every reaction should be investigated

Dear friends, hope you can help me find the name of this sutta. The title of this topic (“Our every reaction should be investigated”) is, of course, a paraphrase of the Buddha’s words. My question is: Do you know which sutta recorded this wisdom?

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It sounds like it might be a paraphrase loosely based on MN 61, the Ambalatthikarahulovada Sutta.

Thanks sujato, it is close!

The sutta I’m looking for reads how the Buddha connects all of our reactions to a clinging mind and should be investigated, as we may not be clinging to anything. Therefore our reactions can serve as pointers in our investigations.

Perhaps my original description of the sutta wasn’t accurate, sorry.

Well, that’s harder, it could be many things. But it might be more like a summary of the Buddha’s approach, not based on any specific text.

I don’t recall seeing the word reaction in the suttas I’ve read, at least in those translations by Ven. Bodhi.

Probably not, it was my paraphrase of his wisdom.

know yourself approach!


Not quite a match but…


With metta

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Thanks Sir! They all point to one truth :dharmawheel: