"Our life is like our breath"


I had no idea this still existed!

what do you mean @sujato?

I was around when it was being filmed, and knew the film maker. But the whole process was chaotic; at one stage we heard all the stock had been lost. I never found out what happened in the end.

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wow, so this film is historical in more than one way

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If you like! My own memory is that the process reminded me of how fake the nature of film is, how what is caught in the camera is such a slim, curated slice made to look like reality. And how the desire to be “about” something distances you from actually being something. I’d rather see an attempt to capture some moments of reality, rather than inventing some idealized narrative.

But anyway, if it can help even a few people get a glimpse of that lifestyle, that’s a good thing.


yes, i had a sense of staging while watching the film and the narration contributed to it, but i take it as a part of the parcel, just one way of shooting a documentary, which involves pre-scripting