Pāli chanting: Unicode for symbol underneath romanized letters?

Is there unicode for typing the upside-down solid triangle underneath the emphasized letter (syllable) in romanized pāli? Or, at the least, a caret underneath?

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If you are talking about the chanting marks found in the Amaravati chanting book etc., I believe they were done with a custom font, not unicode.

I found this cool website that lets you do searches, although it’s not perfect:

U+32c seems close. E.g. Dha̬mma.

I worked on a chanting book project that tried to use various “combining” characters and found that the way software dealt with them to be a huge headache. I can’t remember what the problem was exactly, just that I hoped I never had to work with them again, lol. But you may figure out a better way to do it.

You may already know this, but whatever character you end up using, you need to make sure it is included in the font you use. Otherwise the computer/software will just try to find one from some font on your device, aka font substitution. This is fine until you share it with someone and they have different fonts so get different results.

Ven. Snowbird, this is just fine! Many thanks :blush:
I’m creating some handouts for lay people I meditate with and I am kind of done with the photocopies of photocopies of photocopies! However I’m grateful they helped me learn to chant all these years!


Perhaps you can repurpose another diacritic that is functionally-identical? The inverted breve (i.e. “ê”) is very similar to a triangle. Unless I’m mistaken, it can be placed either above, like with the “ê” example earlier, or below (i.e. “ḙ”).

Edit: sorry, this appears to be literally what the poster above me recommended. I’ll try to be less redundant in the future. Still re-getting the hang of this site. Somehow I didn’t read the material above.