Pali -> English embedded dictionary

I just accidentally stumbled across the above mentioned dictionary: IT’S AWESOME! Therefore, I’d like to congratulate you (although, will have to deduct a few congratulatory points for the feature not being announced with a marching band as it ought to have been).

not sure what is meant by ‘embedded’ but if it’s the one supplying texts with tooltips, i too think it’s massive, it saves so much hassle involved in having to refer to a dictionary at every word


Shucks! Oh well, not all descriptions are destined to succeed. By ‘embedded’ I sought to point to the fact that the dictionary is to all intents and purposes ‘within’ any of the given Pali texts.

For clarity, however, I mean the “The lookup dictionary” that can be switched on under the Control tab on the top left menu that shows a translation (where available) of any word one hovers over.

yes, the “Lookup dictionary”, now i too know its official name

it was more indicative of my own uncertainty than of the aptness of the term

nevertheless i guessed it right :smile:

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Thanks so much Aminah. You’re right, it’s one of our killer apps. Note that @blake has mostly completed work on a new version, which triples the awesome. Also note that a similar tool is available for the Chinese texts. Even if you know no Chinese, you can read the Agama suttas side by side with their Pali parallels and mostly understand them.


Sweet! Can’t wait to check it out.

Make sure you don’t forget the marching band this time!