Pali-French dictionary project

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Thank you for the effort, Yasoj. :slightly_smiling_face:
But the gender is missing, so unfortunately it’s useless for the dictionary…


Hi Roger.

Could you be more specific on what you need?

Perhaps you could contact me by DM and show me an example of what you need exactly.


I don’t know if this helps: Glossaire de termes Pali :pray:


I can’t miss the opportunity to second that. Lovely to see you @Russell, hope you’re keeping well!


@ Hojo : Thanks for your offer.
@ Satananda : Thank you, I also know this resource.

With the information several people gave me, I managed to build the database I need, and am currently working on it. I’ll let you know when it’s finished.
If you know some French communities around the world who could be interested to get it, please let me know by PM.

By the way, I saw 2 writings of the word Pāḷi or Pāli : which is the correct one ?
Thank you.


Dear Roger,
we are currently editing U Hoke Seins Myanmar-English-Pali dictionary with circa 68.000 entries within Excel sheets. It is comparable to Buddhadatta’s Concise Pali-English dictionary but virtually exhaustive. I’ll try to let you know as soon as it is done – it shouldn’t take too long. It will likely be included in newer versions of the DPR and perhaps they would be happy to include the French as well.



Both, they are equally valid variants, as far as I know.


Dear Bhikkhu,

Thank you. I would be happy to get a copy of it and add the French to it.
What is DPR ?

With Mettā


:+1: DPR stands for Digital Pali Reader. Much success in your endeavor.

In dhamma


There are in printed form:

  • Nyāṇatiloka, Bhikkhu (1878-1957) ; Vocabulaire bouddhique de termes et doctrines du canon pali; Paris ²1995 ( Éd. Adyar),
    “Vocabulaire pali-français des termes bouddhiques”. - Entrées en pali translittéré
  • Dufour, Michel (1947-…); Dictionnaire pāli-français : du bouddhisme originel; Auxerre 1998 (les Éd. des 3 Monts)
    Note(s) : Entrées en pali translittéré. - Bibliogr. p. 345-351. Index
  • Phạm, Hưũ Dung; Tự điên̉ đôí chiêú Phật ngư ̃ [Texte imprimé] : saṃskrta, pāli, việt, français, English; Montrouge (9 av. de la Marne, 92120) : Lang Ve, 1996

May I also suggest that for future portability (and additional languages) you use a database instead of Excel. LibreOffice Base provides an interface that is as easy to ue´se as a spreadsheet.


Hi Henry,

Thank you.
I have the first 2 books, but they have not much entries (3.000 for the Dufour’s).
And I don’t know the 3rd one : do you know where to get it ?

My task is to do a true dictionary in French with the maximum of entries that can serve aside the PTS ones.

Yes the DB is a good idea. I’ll think about it.


Firstly the National Library of France. They may do you a copy Terms and conditions

Secondly: check world-cat for a library near you: Results for 'ti:Tự điên̉ đôí chiêú Phật ngư ̃' []

Thirdly within Germany:

Alternatively I could use interlibrary loan request here in Bavaria and scan it for you.


Apparently, only the BNF (National Library of France) has it, but I don’t live in Paris.
If you have a chance to get a copy of it, I would be happy to get one also, but please don’t take that as something to do absolutely. I have already a lot of good material to get the PFD done. :wink:


Would work out to about a tenner.
(Inter Library Loan € 1,50, about 80 pages scanned at 0,05 per double page + postage)


What does “tenner” mean ? (10 of something ?)
I know Cambodian people in Paris and will ask them if they know this book and can do something.
No need to hassle with that for the moment, Henry. If one day I ask you to do that, I prefer to get it by PDF, so I can OCR it.
Thanks again for your help.