Pali lookup not functional?

I’m having issues with the Pali lookup these last two days. Has anything changed, or is it my opera?

Most words don’t give any info, a few only a ‘?’

Do others have issues as well?

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For me it’s hit and miss, sometimes an obvious word gives me “?”. But I wouldn’t say that most words don’t work.

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Thanks for the feedback, at least I now know that my current Opera version somehow doesn’t digest the Pali lookup

On firefox, I had that problem too. I just fiddled with turning on different settings such as “pali & english”, line numbers, etc, on and off and eventually got it to work, but don’t know how or why it happened.

Also, I can’t seem to get an offline suttacentral going, it won’t let me click on “clear SC download history” for firefox.

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I tried it on my Chrome but no problem at all. I know there are various problems with Opera so that might have something to do with it.

This is because the word is not in the lookup dictionary. The lookup dictionary does indeed need some improving.

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