Pali suttas read out loud

There’s a new and excellent resource for those who like to hear the Dhamma:

It’s put together by a small team under the guidance of Rupert Gethin, who are adding more suttas over time.


Thank you for the pointer! I spend a lot of time in my car, listening to audiobooks as I drive, and these will keep the reservoir filled very nicely. What little Buddhist material I’ve found thus far is filled with jarring mispronunciations, so it’s delightful to learn of this project.


This may be helpful also to me, thank you. My hearing needs training.

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Thank you so much!

Thank you very much indeed Bhante I love listening to the suttas read out aloud. This site is wonderful. :yellow_heart::bouquet::pray:

Audio reading of MN 17 Jungle Thickets has now been uploaded


MN 5 Unblemished (Anaṅgaṇa Sutta) has now been uploaded.


Anumodana sadhu sadhu sadhu _/_

And I like to make a wish for a future where a dedicated button is available for one to respond the instant feeling of kindfulness directly to all of the nameless kalyana mittas working behind the scene here, making this place neat and tidy

like sweeping the paths and give it all you got! … :slight_smile:


What’s the difference between sutta-s “read out loud” and “chanted”?

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This is an English sutta chanted…

This sort of chanting in English is also done in the Mahamevenawa international branches in English speaking countries, but I can’t find any links.

Read out loud would just be in a normal reading voice.


MN 23 The Ant-Hill


Recordings of the sutta’s contained in the Opamma Vagga have now been uploaded. MN 21 - MN 30.
[Majjhima Nikāya — Pali Audio - Free, downloadable audio versions of the original teachings of the Buddha]


" Sabba danam dhamma danam jinati. "

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Recordings of the suttas contained in the Mahāymaka Vagga have now been uploaded. MN 31- MN 40.


Recordings have now been completed for the suttas within the Cūlayamaka Vagga completing the first 50 discourses contained within the Majjhima nikāya.


These are all so amazing, thank you infinitely.

I also have a suggestion: Is there a way for you to output an RSS feed of all this audio that would work as a “podcast”?

I always listen to audio using my phone, and as you can imagine, loading up the “quicktime” player in the browser isn’t a great system. If there was a podcast of the suttas I could use my podcast player to subscribe and make a playlist of the suttas.

Thanks for considering it! Sorry if there’s already a way and I missed it :pray:


Creating podcasts is definitely a priority, and we would love for someone to set this up for us. Our team is fully occupied with other things at the moment; but I understand that setting up an RSS feed podcast is not difficult. It could rely on the same files that Karl has put together.


I noticed that the website is separate from this one, and from the HTML it’s pretty clearly hosted on Squarespace.

Seems like Squarespace has the ability to host podcasts and get them into Apple etc.

Not sure how much extra work it would be to have each audio file as a “blog post” for the RSS, but IMHO it would make sense to have an “recent updates” feed with a post for each new audio file, and that could then act as the feed for the podcast RSS.

I’ll have a go at setting this up this month

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Is there such a thing as “standard Pali pronunciation” accent like “Queen’s English” or “Mid-Atlantic English”?