Pali Vinaya: comprehensive reference data in JSON

For @blake and @Vimala

I was checking a reference in the Vinaya and I noticed that the Pali text doesn’t have the PTS vol/page numbers. “That’s a shame”, I think. We really should have a JSON array that lists all of the different reference systems so we can systematically transform one to the other. Then I realized that we actually have the relevant data in the English translation! So this can’t be too hard, I think, and I was right (for once).

I’ve sucked out all the reference data from the English Vinaya text and transformed the <a> reference data into JSON. One reason for doing this was just to work with JSON a little and get a feel for it. But it all went well. So this file has the reference data for:

  • English PTS vol/page
  • Pali PTS vol/page
  • Mahasangiti paragraph (for the first few hundred only)
  • PTS chapter/section

The last of these is based on the rule/khandhaka number, and so corresponds with our URLs. The only difference is that it adds a more granular subdivision to this.

Have a look and let me know if it makes sense as a data construct, like I said I have no experience with JSON. But it seems to me we should have a comparable set of reference data for all our texts so we can effortlessly transform from one reference system to another. (21.3 KB)